Reasons Sharepoint doesn’t sync

1. File limitations

Users can sync a total of up to 20,000 total items across all synchronised libraries. There is a limit of 5,000 items per team site library. In any SharePoint library, you can sync files up to 2 GB. For any large company, these restrictions will be full in no time at all.

Only syncs items in your Sharepoint library and there is a 10GB file size limit for every file. So while some limits may have gone there’s a new limit; you can only sync in your library!

2. Local file deletion

Let’s say, for example, a user has less than 5,000 team site files, and they sync these files via OneDrive for Business on both their laptop and iPad. The process of deleting files off their iPad will end up deleting files on their laptop, too. This is the case for both iterations of the software.

3. Selective syncing

You have two options: all or nothing. Users can sync either their entire Team Site or sync nothing at all.

You can choose which libraries to sync.

4. Conflict Management

If you want to collaborate on Office files in Sharepoint, you and your co-editors should open these files in a web browser. If you create a conflicted copy, this becomes listed. However, to resolve said conflict you have to open the file in Office and resolve it internally from within Word. OneDrive for Business ‘2’ creates two copies of the file and informs you that there is a conflict – which is better – but that’s about it. It doesn’t let you automatically resolve the conflict, but simply lets you know there is one.

5. Log In Errors

The user must be logged into Office, Word Excel, Powerpoint for SharePoint to Sync

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