How do I configure my iPhone & iPad to access my mailbox?

It is recommended that you configure your mailbox on the iPhone & iPad as a Microsoft Exchange account

On your iPhone open your "Settings"

Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".




Select "Add Account...".






Select "Microsoft Exchange".






Enter the following details:

  • Email: The username that you use to log into your current Hosted Exchange Mailbox eg. Your email address.
  • Password: Your password.
  • Description: The username that you use to log into your current Hosted Exchange Mailbox.





Click Next. Wait for the device to verify.

Choose the options you wish your device to hold eg. Mail,contacts,calendar,reminders and notes. Click "Save".






Your account will now be automatically setup and accessible through your mail icon.


You may see an additional field available "Server".

Please enter the following if you are prompted:

Exchange 2013 Server:

Exchange 2010 Server:

Exchange 2003 Server:

If you are unsure of which hosted exchange you are on please call 0818 333 639 or email

Leave all other settings as they are. Click Next.

Your mailbox is now configured on your iPhone & iPad as a Microsoft Exchange Account and can be accessed via your mail icon:



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