How do I configure my Android device to receive my emails ?

On your Android phone locate your Apps:


Then open your Email icon:


Then choose the type of email account you wish you add, for our service choose Microsoft Exchange Active Sync:


On the next screen enter your user name (Email address) and your login password. At this point you can set your email account to be your default account on your device (Tick Box)


Your email account then will check online and automatically retrieve your settings and your email account will be configured. You will then be asked to setup the account with your preferred options.(See Account Options screenshot at the end of this article)

If this does not occur, you may be prompted with this screen below:


At this point ensure your email address is correct.

Add you domain/user name , this is your email address.

Ensure your password is correct.

Enter your relevant details for your Exchange Server :

Hosted Exchange Servers (2013) (2010)  (2003)

If you are unsure of which Email Exchange Service you are using, please call Lets Operate on 0818 333 639 or email

You will then be asked to setup the account with your preferred options:


Your Microsoft Exchange Email account is now setup on your Android Device.


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