How do I log into Hosted Desktop via the webpage ?

To log into Hosted Desktop from a new computer for the first time, please follow the 

instructions below: 

1. To log into Hosted Desktop, open the following website using internet explorer

2. In the Log On box, insert the username and password that has been provided to 

you and click on the Log On button. 

3. Please click on the Hosted Desktop 7 or 710 icon and you will be logged into your new 

Hosted Desktop. 

4. You will now be presented with the ‘Download Plug-in’ request menu. 

5. Tick the box on the menu above to accept the Licence Agreement and Click 


6. Select Run, then Select Run again. 

8. Please wait a few seconds for the installation to complete. The installation is complete when the ‘Installation Completed Successfully’ pop-up menu appears. 

9. When the above menu appears, please select Close, Click on the Hosted Desktop 7 icon and you will be logged into your Hosted Desktop. 

If you need to return to your local machine desktop, move your mouse cursor to the 

top of the screen and a drop down menu will be displayed. Here you can select to 

view your local or Hosted Desktop.

To log out, simply log off in the usual way.

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