Are you missing your software/application desktop short-cuts?


Your applications and programs are never lost, you can always find them if you got to Start and then choose All Programs

 Here is how you can add the short-cuts back to your desktop, fast and easy:

  • Right click on the XenApp (Citrix Online Plugin)


  • Choose Options


  • In the pop-up window please click in the left pane on Application Display and when this opens in the right pane tick the box Show Applications on Desktop and OK


If the option for "Show applications on desktop" is already chosen, you then need to perform an application refresh.

Right click on the XenApp

And choose Application Refresh.


If your XenApp (Citrix Online Plugin) has a red tick on it you will need to reset this by using Internet Explorer:

Open your Internet Explorer within your hosted desktop:

Goto Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Tab:


Click on the Reset Internet Explorer settings button:

You will receive the above message.

Leave the Delete Personal Settings unticked and press Reset:

Once your Internet Explorer has successfully reset you will receive the above message.

Close down your Internet Explorer.

Right click on your Citrix Online Plugin Icon and choose EXIT.

Then within your hosted desktop click on your START ICON:

Go to All Programs - Start Up - Online Plug-In

This will restart your Citrix Online Plugin and your applications will refresh and re-appear in your hosted desktop.





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