Unable to Print from Hosted Desktop

If you are unable to print from inside Hosted Desktop we recommend you try the following steps to solve this issue.

First we need to make sure your printer is showing up inside Hosted Desktop and is active and in "Ready" position.

  • Go to Start- Devices and Printers
  • in the pop-up window if you see your printer listed and it is showing the correct printer as default then please try to print again and make sure you have the right printer selected in the drop down menu.
  • in the pop-up window if you do not see the printer listed then please try to log off Hosted Desktop and on your local desktop please go to Start- Printer and Devices and look if your printer is showing up as active and in Ready position.  
  • if the printer is not showing on your local computer, then please restart the printer.
  • if the printer is showing up on local computer, try to log back into Hosted Desktop and try printing again. Please make sure to check in: Start-Devices and Printers  that the printer is listed.

Should none of the above sort the printing issue, please contact support on 0818 333 639 or via email to


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