Auto Answer for Headsets for Polycom Phones

Here is the workaround to allow headsets answer calls without having to press any key on phone or headset (May interfere with ring group functionality unless DND is used). 

Auto Answer for Headsets for Polycom Phones requires two settings changes 1) Headset memory mode 2) Auto answer

Enabling Headset Memory Mode 

This feature is useful for permanent or full-time headset users. You can set up your phone so that all incoming and outgoing calls use your headset. At any time, you can switch to handset or speakerphone mode. 

To use Headset Memory Mode, enable and then activate Headset Memory Mode. When Headset Memory Mode is activated, flashes either green, for analog headsets, or blue, for USB or Bluetooth headsets. 


To enable Headset Memory Mode: 

  1. Tap Settingsfrom Home view, and tap Basic > Preferences > Headset > Headset Memory. From the Headset Memory Mode screen, tap Enabled.
  2. Press . 
  3. To activate Headset Memory Mode, press twice. The Headset key flashes to indicate that the phone is in Headset Memory Mode. 


Now, whenever you answer a call, the call connects to your headset automatically. When you switch to the speakerphone or the handset, you deactivate Headset Memory Mode. Calls no longer automatically go to your headset, unless you choose this mode. To have calls go to your headset again, activate Headset Memory Mode by pressing twice. 

To enable Auto Answer: 

    1. Press the Home key

  1. Select Settings > Basic > Preferences > Auto Answer .
  2. From the Auto Answer screen, select Auto Answer SIP Calls , and select Yes .
  3. If your phone supports H.323 protocol, select Auto Answer H.323 Calls , and select Yes . This option displays only if your phone supports the H.323 protocol.
  4. Select Microphone Mute , and choose Yes (the default setting) to mute the microphone for auto-answered calls.
  5. For VVX 500, 600, and 1500 phones, select Video Mute , and select Yes to mute the video when video calls are auto-answered. The default setting is No . See the section Video Calls for more information on placing video calls.
  6. SelectSave .

These settings are applied to all incoming calls on your phone.

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