Troubleshooting Sharepoint Issues

Troubleshooting Issues With Sharepoint (One Drive For Business)

10GB size upload limit
5,000 Individual files at at time
128 Characters in "name" / file path

Pause and Restart

The first thing you should try is right-clicking the OneDrive for Business system tray icon, and pausing the sync. Then resume the sync, and let it try to resolve itself. This action will force SharePoint to re-examine the files it needs to synchronize.

Check the Office Documents Uploader

Next, you may see an orange icon in your system tray. This icon is the Office Document Uploader. It seems strange that there are two separate applications that manage the upload of documents, but I have encountered in the past where this application is paused, and it stops the SharePoint sync from progressing. Un-pause this to allow the flow of data again.


If none of the above methods have solved the problem, it’s time to break out the big guns. If you right-click on the system tray icon, you’ll see an option to “repair.” While this seems innocuous, and an obvious first step, “repair” is a pretty drastic measure, because it takes everything you currently have synced to your computer and archives it locally, and then it re-downloads everything from SharePoint online. This takes up a lot of storage space, a lot of bandwidth, and a lot of time. On top of that, if you
have any changes you’ve made to local files that never made it back to SharePoint, you’ll have to find those manually in that archived folder.

Purge and Start Over

If none of those options solve the sync issues, you’ll have to go nuclear. This involves not only stopping syncing any and all Document Libraries, but also clearing the system cache files before attempting to re-sync anything. First you’ll need to force-crash in the Task Manager any of the following background processes:
Then you’ll need to navigate in File Explorer and delete everything in the following locations:
For a Detailed View onTroubleshooting a Sharepoint Site, watch the accompanying Screencast.

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